Hydraulic properties of Dammam aquifer in Shithatha area within Karbala Governorate / Iraq


  • Maytham R. Qaddoori ,Qusai Y. Al-Kubaisi.


Karbala governorates, hydraulic properties, heterogeneity


Two wells in Shithatha area which is located in the west of Karbala governorates between the longitudes (43o 24' 38", 43o 33' 26.7") and latitudes (32o 30' 11.3", 32o 38' 13.7"), were choses to compute the hydraulic properties of Dammam aquifer by perform pumping test procedure on them. The condition of Dammam aquifer is (confined). The average value of the hydraulic gradient is equal (0.0028). The averages amount of Hydraulic conductivity (K), Transmissivity (T) and Specific capacity (SC) are (12.9 m/day), (808.13 m2/day) and (676.04 m2/day) respectively. The computed results show the variations in the hydraulic properties values which indicate the heterogeneity condition of Dammam aquifer.