A Geographical analysis of the Efficiency of Educational services (Kindergarten and primary schools) in the city of Mashkhab


  • Dr. Dargham Khaled Abdel Wahab Abu-Kalal ,Raed Leftah Easa Al-Hisnawy ,Huda Ssfaa Abdulwahhab Al-Wani ,Ahmed Judy Hammoud


Kindergarten, geographical analysis,primary school


The research dealt with a geographical analysis of the efficiency of educational services in Kindergarten and primary school the city of Mashkhab, The research aims to study the development and growth of the population in the city of Mashkhab, and the reality of the spatial distribution of Kindergarten and primary school in the city's neighborhoods, and to evaluate the its efficiency of according to standards and the level of inadequacy of each service. The results of the research showed the rapid growth of the city's population The reality of the distribution from the analysis of the standard distance and the nearest neighbor link showed that the kindergarten represents the actual centering point was characterized by a clustered pattern in the city center, and appeared through measuring functional efficiency, that the city had a deficit and shortcomings in service after conforming to Iraqi standards.