Perceived Control, Service Convenience and Swift Guanxi Online And Their Impact on Repurchase Intention


  • R. Adjeng Mariana Febrianti ,Beryl Fredlin Putra Yoke ,Noegroho Adhi Wicaksono


repurchase intention, service convenience, perceived control


The rapid growth of internet users in Indonesia is a challenge for marketers to explore and develop the potential of e-commerce. With this article, consumer trust is expected to encourage customers to make repurchases at online shops. This research aims to analyze the effect of perceived control, service convenience and swift guanxi online on repurchase intention of users of online shopping applications on Instagram in Bandung City. This research is based on a consumer survey of Instagram application users. Respondents are asked to provide responses related to perceived control, service convenience, swift guanxi, and repurchase intention. There are 135 respondents of students from university X in the city of Bandung who become the population, but 100 respondents are taken as samples using the slovin formula. Multiple linear regression analysis is used in this research. The results show that perceived control, service convenience and swift online guanxi variables have a partially significant effect on repurchase intentions of online shopping application users on Instagram. Based on the results of the F test, it was found that the perceived control, service convenience and swift online guanxi variables have a significant effect on repurchase intention simultaneously. Based on the test results, the coefficient of determination shows that the effect of the three independent variables on the dependent variable is 58%. While the remaining 42% or influenced by other variables which are not examined such as advertising and prices.