The Influence of Brand Image, Shopping Lifestyle, And Fashion Involvement to the Impulse Buying


  • R. Adjeng Mariana Febrianti ,Maxi Tambalean ,Gantri Pandhami


brand image, shopping life style, fasion involvement


Nowadays the development of fashion business shows a significant growth. Besides the trend of millennial generation who has consumptive behavior and modern life style and shopping is growing fast. This research aims to know the influence of brand image, shopping life style, and fashion involvement to the impulse buying. The sample of this research is 121 respondents of consumers. They are students of Widyatama University Bandung, using purpose sampling technique. The data analyses is used multiple regression analysis techniques. The result shows that of three variables (brand image, shopping lifestyle, fasion involvement). It is gained t-value is bigger than 0.05 therefore the hypothesis of the three variables can be accepted. In addition, this research also emphasizes on business people in seeking sustainability to always adjust product trends and improve sales ability in conducting promotions so as to obtain good marketing performance. Limitation in this research is that the respondents obtained as many as 121 and conducted in the city of Bandung. It is recommended further research to increase the significance of sampling by expanding the sample size and conducting surveys in different geographic areas.