Psychosocial Achievements of Social Studies Teacher Candidates in Outdoor Geography Courses*


  • Sevinç ÇIRAK KARADAĞ Ege University, İzmir, TURKEY


Outdoor Geography Education; Psychological and social Outcomes; Social Studies Teacher Candidates


The academic outcomes of courses are evaluated by teacher grades or achievement tests; however, their psychological and interpersonal benefits are usually unknown. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the views of social studies teacher candidates on the psychological and interpersonal outcomes of the outdoor education courses they took, namely Geography Teaching and Museum Education. A descriptive qualitative research methodology was employed with a homogeneous sampling technique. The participants, who were voluntarily recruited, included 24 social studies teacher candidates who took the Geography Teaching and Museum Education classes as part of the Social Studies Teacher Education Program. Data were collected through focus group interviews. Recorded interviews were transcribed and then analyzed thematically. The results showed that participation in outdoor courses improved students’ relationships with their peers and lecturers, increased their motivation for class attendance, and helped them manage their stress.