The Influence of Compensation and Communication on Job Satisfaction of CV Pustaka Garut


  • Nabilah Ramadhan ,Caroline ,Hari Rachmansyah ,Eka Amelia ,Rahmadi Maulana ,Fellitta Natharina Januar ,Obsatar Sinaga


influence, compensation, CV Pustaka Garut


This study aims to determine the influence of compensation and communication on job satisfaction of employees of CV Pustaka Garut. Data was collected using a questionnaire distributed to respondents. Samples were taken using total population sampling technique with 37 respondents. This research uses multiple linear regression analysis method. The research hypotheses were tested using t test and F test through SPSS software. The results showed that simultaneously, compensation and communication had a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction with an effect of 89.6%. Partially, both compensation and communication have a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction.