Student Grade 0Using Fuzzy Logic


  • Eka Angga Laksana ,Bambang Teguh Munajat ,Kandi Permana ,Siti Aisyah ,Sulton Fadlillah Wijawanto ,Taufiq Ridwan Soleh


fuzzy logic, student grade, discipline


Student performance in higher education measure the ability, competency and skill. Some measuring items are classified as fuzzy concept and translated into fuzzy form. Inside online learning system, LMS gives some measurement component such as forum, quiz/assignment and discipline level. Lecturer must able to make objective grading method to student inside their online classes. Fuzzy logic as grading methodology involves numerical values and fuzzy input and based on human reasoning. Thus, fuzzy logic based implementation system to help lecturer can make more flexible to evaluate student learning performance at the end of semester. This paper explain about fuzzy logic implementation to create final grade achieved by student. Some rules are generated by lecturer and understandable by students. More flexible rule can be modified inside fuzzy logic system. It will benefit for course objective which lecturer and student enable to make their own consider on how they can achieve final grade.