Teachers' perceptions of their role in cognitive awareness, health protection and the promotion of ethical value aspects among students with the Corona Corvid 19 virus pandemic via the distance learning system


  • Amani M Al-Hosan ,Nawal M AL Rajeh ,Ahmed Hamza


Students – awareness – online – learning COVID-19


This study was conducted by an academic research team at PRINCESS NOURAH BINT ABDULRAHMAN UNIVERSITY with the purpose of promoting the levels of healthy, value and ethical awareness among the students to limit the effects of covid-19. The study applied the descriptive, analytic survey approach to document the conceptions 0f the public education instructors throughout KSA concerning their role in raising the cognitive aspects and healthy and ethical skills for encountering coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The study population included all the instructors of public education (male & female) in all the Kingdom governorates with its both public and private sectors amounting (525,610) instructors as per the MINISTRY OF EDUCAYION statistics for the school year (1441 H ) . The sample contained 357 instructors (male& female). For this purpose, the researchers designed a questionnaire. The study concluded that there is a high level of conceptions of the instructors about their cognitive skills, healthy and ethical responsibility for providing awareness about coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) . The study proposes some supporting and effective strategies to achieve such online learning under this pandemic.