Legislative deficiency in the procedural aspect of information crime.


  • Ameel Jabbar Ashour ,Dina Attia Mashaf


Legislative deficiency, procedural aspect, crime


The development of the information network and its complexity and dependence on it in several areas generated a number of negative patterns, including the development of the criminal phenomenon and the emergence of the so-called information crime, therefore, confronting this type of crime requires the existence of special procedures, because the evidence for their proof differs from ordinary crimes. Therefore, this research was limited to the procedural aspect of information crime and discussed aspects of the legislative deficiency of certain procedures such as inspection, inspection, testimony and experience, and the difficulties faced by the investigation bodies were also addressed, whether at the internal or external level. Therefore, the legislative deficiencies in these crimes must be addressed due to their seriousness and the fact that they are crimes of a special nature that require specific procedures for them.