Civil liability for sports injuries


  • Mohammad Haimed Mahamoad


civil liability, temporary disability


This research deals with what any athlete should think about while he plays the sport he loves. Athletes should think about the risks that result from this sport, and how they can avoid these risks, and what are the limits of liability he bears for damages to another person, whether in body, health, or properties, and what are the costs of covering these risks and those accidents payable and compensated. Of course, the practice of any sport may not be free from accidents and injuries that result in death, permanent or temporary disability, or high costs because of treatment from this injury. People may not be able to pay for these expenses if there is no one who can help. Thus, this study comes to search for the insurance cover that must be present for the athlete when any of these risks occur, so that athletes can find a body or an association that helps with costs of these risks takes his place in redressing the resulting damages and wrong person must compensate for this responsibility.