The Influence of using Anthony Model for Guided Reading on the Achievement of Physics and Convergent Thinking among Students of the College of Agriculture


  • MSC Sameerah Adnan Thrther ,dr.Etmad N Fayadh


Anthony model, convergent thinking, Guided Reading


This paper aims to reveal the effect of using the Anthony model in achievement and converging thinking among students of the College of Agriculture. In order to accomplish this objective, we have adopted the third phase of the Soil Department at the College of Agriculture for the academic year (2019-2020). The data of the present study has involved (61) students from the Department of Soil, with (30) Students for the experimental group and (31) students for the control group. We have formulated (160) behavioral objectives within the levels of (remembering, understanding, application, analysis, structure, and evaluation) according to Bloom's classification for the cognitive domain and the researcher prepared the achievement test that consists of (40). However, Al-(Maliki 2013) test of convergent thinking has been adopted as a tool to measure the dependent variable, which includes (72) test items on a sample of the university level. Then, examining and presenting such results to experts and referees to deal with the paragraphs appropriate to the age group and the academic level of the research sample and their level of comprehension, and (25) test items have been adopted to be applied to a sample of students of the third stage, Department of Soil, College of Agriculture. The psychometric properties of the two tests were verified, and the validity and consistency of the two tests were extracted. It has been found that the use of Anthony's model increased the achievement and has improved asymptotic thinking for them. Moreover, as the difference between the mean scores of the experimental and control groups was statistically significant at the level of significance (0.05) using the t-test, in favor of the experimental group that was studied according to the Anthony model and convergent thinking.