An Analysis of the Documentary Entitled Talisman of the City as a Teaching Tool in the Values Education


  • Tuğba SELANİK AY, Zeynep ÖNCÜ Afyon Kocatepe University, TURKEY


Myth, Documentary, Document Analysis, Value Education, Social Studies Courses


The aim of social studies course is to educate individuals as citizens with national and universal values, to provide them with skills which are required in life contributing to see themselves as part of the society they live in. In this process it can be used literary work and media products. One of the media products that can be employed in social studies courses is documentaries. In addition, documentaries can be employed in value education as a resource. The aim of the study is to analyse the use of a documentary entitled “Talisman of the City” (Şehrin Tılsımı) which was broadcasted on TRT TV website in Turkey. Document analysis was used in the research and each episode (total 50 episodes) are analysed as a document. The data obtained were examined using the descriptive analysis. The findings suggest that the documentary analysed contains most of the values. Those values which are frequently mentioned in the documentary are found to be love, respect and helpfulness. In the context of the elements of cultural heritage, many elements were found in the legends.