Hollow Roll Machine Design With VDI 2222 Method and Sample Additive Weighting (SAW)


  • Yani Iriani ,Dandi Rifaldi A ,Willy Rizkilah R ,Tifani Bella F ,Fitria Dewi L ,Rifan Rizwan


VDI 2222, Sample Additive Weighting, mesin roll hollow


PT. X is a company engaged in the construction of Exterior and Interior Signage. One of the products produced by this company is the Pylon Daeler Honda. This product is in the form of a signpost pole in which there is a curved hollow construction. The process of forming curves or rolling is currently still being carried out in the subcont. On average, every month the company places an order to the subcont for the process of rolling 201 hollow rods at a cost of Rp. 7,535,000/month or in a year of Rp. 90,420,000. The amount of the cost of the rolling process is the highest when compared to the cost of the laser process in the subcont of Rp. 2,042,000. /Month. This becomes a burden on the company in cost efficiency processes to subcont/suppliers. One alternative solution to reduce the cost of the rolling process at the subcont is to make your own hollow roll machine. The purpose of this research is to produce an effective and efficient hollow roll machine design and to choose the right machine component alternative using the VDI 2222 method (Verein Deutsche Ingenieuer / German Engineers Association) and Sample Additive Weighting (SAW). The stages of designing the VDI 2222 method include the stages of planning, conceptualizing, designing and finalizing, then selecting alternative functions for the machine. The selection of alternatives with SAW weighting obtained the best alternative from the function of this machine part with the highest weight on each component or function part, namely the drive system using an electric motor (0.77), the transmission system using a chain and sprocket (0.80), the forming system using a box groove roll (0.76).) and the frame system uses UNP iron (0.86). The total production cost of making a hollow roll machine is Rp. 11,599,497 with a yearly rolling process cost of Rp. 57,204,000, Rp.33,216,000 more efficient than processing costs in subcont or there will be savings of 36.7% of processing costs in subcont for a year. So, the company decided to make the roll machine.