The Influence of Brand Image, Trust, On Buying Interest in E-Wallet ‘Ovo’ In Bandung City


  • Uce Karna Suganda ,Meidina Sekar Hapsari ,Muhammad Iqbal Tawakal ,Djoko Roespinoedji


Brand image, trust, buying interest


In the era of globalization as we are currently experiencing, we are forced to continuously adapt to technological developments, and E-Wallet ‘is one of them. Basically, an E-Wallet is a E-Wallet that can be used as an integrated payment tool. In general, E-Wallet ‘OVO’ is a system developed or created to make it easier for every user to make transactions. Therefore, consumer buying interest needs to be considered. When making online transactions, consumers need more trust. In addition, brand image is also considered important because consumers tend to like good products. Apart from the pros and cons related to technological adaptation, the presence of E-Wallet ‘itself is claimed to be able to have a positive effect on human daily life. This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of trust, brand image, and lifestyle on buying interest in E-Wallet ‘OVO’. The low buying interest is thought to occur due to low trust, not yet optimal brand image. The research method uses explanatory, descriptive and verification research models. Multiple Linear Regression Hypothesis Test The results showed that trust, brand image, had a significant effect on buying interest in the use of E-Wallet ‘OVO’.