Out-of-School Learning to Achieve the Spatial Perception Skills: A Case Study


  • Ayşe SEYHAN Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University, Rize, TURKEY


Perception Skills, Out-Of-School Social Studies, Skill, Teacher Candidates, Case Study


The cognitive depiction and comprehension of the structure, existence and relations of a place and its reflection and restructuring in the mind of a place is called spatial perception. Individuals’ perceptions of place vary according to their environmental awareness, knowledge and impressions. The ability of individuals to perceive their surroundings, adapt to the places they are in and regulate their lives better depends on the sophistication of their perceptions of spatial. In order to develop the ability to perceive spatial, spatial skills such as spatial depiction, spatial representation, spatial analysis, and spatial evaluation need to be developed. The fact that the characteristics of the spatial give an idea of how the place can be perceived and the interaction of the individual with the place is important in developing the perception skills of the spatial brings to the fore out-of-school learning. The aim of this study is to examine the effects of the activities of a social studies education project carried out within the scope of TÜBITAK 4004 Nature Education and Science Schools Support Program on the ability to perceive spatial and the use of outdoor school places in the teaching of this skill. The study was conducted with a case study, one of the qualitative research types. The study group consisted of 30 teacher candidates selected by criterion sampling. The data obtained by open-ended questionnaire and document analysis were evaluated by content analysis. The research also shows that the activities applied according to the findings are effective in teaching the perception of spatial and the ability to perceive place. Teacher candidates have stated that they are able to recognize the place, objects and assets around them through activities outside the school and improve their perception skills by applying them.