Design And Implementation IVR Outbound Service API Using Text-To-Speech


  • Esa Fauzi ,Adri Genta Rahdian ,Agustinus Ipan Suryana ,Penta Al Ansyah ,Tiara Nastiti Handana Ningtias ,Kinanti Dara Nurkhofifah


IVR, IVR Outbound Service, Text-To-Speech.


In business world, customer support is one way to build relationships with customers. Phone calls are one of the customer support media that is widely used because of its flexibility. But the limited customer support workers can cause customers to wait a long time to be served. One solution that can be done is to install an IVR (Interactive voice response) system. IVR is a system mechanism that provides automated talks based on the response of DTMF (Dual tone multi frequency). In addition to serving customer complaints or inquiries, IVR can also be used to provide information to customers. This IVR is called the outbound IVR service because it is the companies that make phone calls to customers. In this study, an IVR system was created with outbound service model. The IVR system also provides a feature for companies to create and manage their own IVR menus by inputting response numbers and words that will be listened to customers. In the process, the system also uses a text-to-speech library to convert text to voice, using the PJSIP library to make phone calls over sip protocol, using MongoDB as database, and Redis as cache.