SWOT And Competitiveness Analysis in Creating Value in Health Care Service: Study Case of Outpatient Service in A Type C Hospital in Cimahi


  • Oktora Yogi Sari ,Iqbal B. Muslim ,Nizkia Aussel ,Shelfina F. F. Priatna ,Muhammad Reyhan Derielda ,Irvan N. Herianto ,Djoko Roespinoedji


Value Chain, Pre-Service, Point of Service, After Service, Differentiation Strategy


The Administrative City of Cimahi has some hospital and one of them is Hospital X, a type C hospital. Based on the results from customer satisfaction assessment questionnaire showed a figure of 81.27 percent in October, 83.94 percent in November and 86.62 percent in December, the figure have not achieved the company targets where the target of patient satisfaction in the Hospital is 90 percent or more. This study aims to analyze and explain: (1) The Process Value Chain Outpatient Services in the Hospital X, (2) The Mapping of the Outpatient Services Value Chain Process in the Hospital X, (3) the Strategy of the Hospital X in handling the Increase in Patients Every Year with Analysis Value Chain. The research method used is descriptive research method with analysis tools, value chain analysis. The stages of this research value chain analysis process are pre-service, point of service, and after-service supported by supporting activities and strategic resources. The results of the data analysis prove that the competitive strength of the Hospital X is in its strategic geographical location, the registration system uses a technological system, and the specialist doctors who work there are already known by many patients. Whereas the weaknesses that need to be corrected are the organizational culture of the company and evaluation after the service which has not been maximized. From these data conclusions can be drawn: (1) The Value Chain Process Outpatient Services in the Hospital consists of patients coming with or without Referral, Registration, Waiting for Queues, Medical Examination, and Returning, (2) Mapping the Value Chain Process is divided into Strength Analysis and Internal Weaknesses in each Value Chain Analysis Process, (3) The strategy that needs to be applied by the Hospital X is a differentiation strategy.