Development Of Production Technology for Developing Community Products Based on Sustainable Local Knowledge.


  • Waleerak Sittisom ,Witthaya Mekhum ,Wichai Vanpetch


production technology, development agencies, community products, sustainable local knowledge


The aim of the study is to examine the role of sustainable local knowledge in community product development through production technology. The relationship between sustainable local development, community-based innovation, production technology and community product development were examined. Data were collected from Thailand based on survey questionnaire. A survey questionnaire was designed by using already revealed variable measures in the literature. 500 questionnaires were used for data collection and 210 valid responses were used for data analysis through Smart PLS. It is found that sustainable local knowledge has important contribution to community product development. Sustainable local knowledge increases the community-based innovation which further lead to the production technology, finally, production technology increases the community product development. Therefore, sustainable local knowledge and production technology has positive role to enhance community product development. Results of the study are beneficial for the government of Thailand and various community development agencies to promote sustainable local knowledge for the development of community products.