Information Systems Development for Tourism Routes Management to The Eastern Economic Corridor.


  • Waleerak Sittisom ,Chalermpol Tapsai ,Thammarak Srimarut


Eastern economic corridor, service management, tourism friendly


The Eastern economic corridor is one of the big projects of Thailand. It is intended that this project can play the role of game-changer for Thailand in Asia. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to assess the relationship between market intelligence, MDSS, business process, service management and service quality. This study also assessed the mediating relationship service management as well. For this purpose, the data was collected from the tourists of Thailand by adopting a convenience sampling technique. The usable response rate of the present study was 58,78%. The collected data was assessed through PLS 3. The results of the study revealed that all of the proposed hypotheses in the present study are supported other than the effect of marketing intelligence on service management and service management. The findings of the study fill several theoretical gaps mentioned below section. These findings are helpful for the policymakers of Thailand to adopt the tourism-friendly strategy.