Upgrading The Quality and Standards of OTOP Products for Creating the Community Economic to The Civil State Products on Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.


  • Witthaya Mekhum1 ,Waleerak Sittisom


community economy, contributive, sufficiency economy


This research paper tends to investigate the driving factors of community economy. The upgrade of OTOP product is based on several factors such as perceived quality improvement, perceived value of product, Trust, satisfaction and export performance. Although these all factors are contributive in developing the community economy, however, this research paper likely to investigate the impact of perceived quality, perceived value and customer satisfaction on the community economy. In addition to this a part of the study also elaborates philosophy of sufficiency economy application and survival of OTOP business in rural region of Thailand. The Findings of this paper suggests that there is positive relationship between factors of upgrade quality of OTOP and community economy when philosophy of sufficiency economy is implemented to make the sustainable and self-sufficient income for the rural OTOP entrepreneur.