The Innovation of Thai Royal Food Cuisine Processing at Suan Sunandha Palace Among Australia


  • Waleerak Sittisom ,Witthaya Mekhum ,Pong Horadal


traditional ingredients, medicinal elements, mobile applications


This research effort explains the unique Thai food processing at Suan Sunandha Palace Thailand, the food prepared with traditional ingredients and medicinal elements to prevent the diseases. The study contributes to the body of knowledge by examining the empirical relationship to explain the adoption of Thai food among Australian visitors. The unique processing of food in royal Thai cuisine at Suan Sunandha palace attracts lot of foreigners to adopt the hygiene food with unique elements and having soft taste. The study incorporated the Thai food image, and hygiene factor in Thai food to predict the adoption of Thai food. The modern business practices are being carried-out online through website and mobile applications, so the current study incorporated the moderating variable usage behavior of mobile application to assess the Thai Royal cuisine. The study employed simple random sampling and data was collected from 300 Australian visitors. The results revealed that Thai food image and hygiene factor influence the adoption of Thai food among visitors significantly, the mobile application usage also found to be significant statistically, hence, hypotheses H1, H2 and H3 found to be statistically significant. The moderation role of mobile application usage behavior moderates the relationship between Thai food image and adoption of Thai food; however, no moderation role is evident between hygiene factor and adoption of Thai food. The study suggests that Thai royal cuisine should include innovation in their food in order to extend the customer base.