Determining The Floating Markets Local Food Processing to The Royal Food into The Kitchen of The World


  • Witthaya Mekhum ,Waleerak Sittisom


significant impact, research framework, endogenous constructs


The prime concern of the current study entails the assessment of tourist's satisfaction at floating markets Thailand. The emergence of Thai floating markets has significant impact on the economic development, incline in tourism and financial well-being of the local community. The special attention has been given to the floating markets for increasing the tourism activities and attracting the tourists around the world. The floating markets provide the services/products on the boats as sellers and buyer use boats to go around. The study emphasized on the price and quality of the products/services being provided at floating markets, the attitude towards tourism development is also assessed to determine the satisfaction level of the tourist. The study found that price and quality significantly influence the attitude towards tourism development and achieve the tourists' satisfaction. The mediating effect is observed significant as attitude towards tourism development significantly mediates the relationship between exogenous and endogenous constructs of the research framework.