Watching 1950s Movie in Makassar (On Disorder, Modernity, and Globalization)


  • Suriadi Mappangara ,Ilham Daeng Makkelo ,Nur Adyla Suriadi


watching movies, Makassar, honeymoon


This article critically analyzes watching movies activity in Makassar in 1950s. Firstly, this page aimed to expose how the people in the city still continued their activities even in the middle of chaotic situation. How did they decide to go to the cinema without paying attention to that chaotic situation or their safety? This page will also describe the citizen's enthusiasm of watching movies in cinemas. Secondly, this writing will show their respond toward the movies production, national and international films. It is shown that they easily accept western film rather than the national one. From this situation, we can conclude that there was a contradiction. In the one part, Makassar people tried to refuse the colonialism, in this case "the western". In the other part, the western movies were being popular in the playing list in the cinemas. This phenomenon can describe that watching western movies were the part of dreaming the future of Makassar by Makassar's people. From all of these circumstances, it can also be said that the year of 1950, can be categorized as 'honeymoon' stage after being free from the occupation.