Institutional Scholarship Program for Initiation in Teaching (PIBID) Geography: Reviewing the Relationship between School and University


  • Maria Anezilany GOMES DO NASCIMENTO State University of Ceara, Ceara, BRAZIL


Initial Teacher Training, PIBID, Geography Education, Brazil


This article aims to address the impacts of the Brazilian policy entitled Institutional Scholarship Program of Initiation to Teaching / PIBID, in the training of teachers of geography in that country. It results from a doctoral thesis on the initial training of teachers of geography in Ceará, Brazil and Portugal, which had the Pibid as one of the empirical-analytical elements, for the Brazilian case. Data collection involved analysis of educational situations; surveys with standardized questionnaires among graduate in geography and teachers of basic education involved in the Program and interviews among teacher trainers, some of whom coordinators of the area of Geography in the respective institutions of attachment. The deep crisis of Basic and Secondary Education that Brazil is going through, in the current context, is demarcated by a dis obligatoriness of disciplines such as Geography in the last ones of Secondary Education. In this context, the attempt to undermine policies such as the PIBID urges us to worry about the interruption of a program that began to reap the first results of an initiation to teaching. In this sense, we highlight as crucial results, in the scope of the undergraduate courses investigated, the cooperation of spaces and protagonists involved in the initial formation, giving feedback to the desired cycle of reflection-in-action, in this formative process.