Analysis of Water Quality on Environmental Health of the Kahayan Riverside, Palangka Raya City, Central Kalimantan


  • Dileli Dharma Astoeti ,Sulmin Gumiri ,Liswara Neneng ,Ardianoor


Palangka Raya City, Water Quality, Environmental Health


The settlement and housing environment is a basic human need and is also a determinant of public health. According to Palangka Raya City Health Office, in 2019, the number of people with the disease suffered by people related to diseases caused by the environment originating from Bukit Hindu community health centre and Pahandut community Health Center. In two years, the five dominant diseases were 1958 people with diarrhoea, 1329 people with typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, 939 people with infection of intestinal diseases due to other bacteria, 205 people with viral pneumonia and 148 people with pulmonary TB, which is influenced by environmental factors such as the quality of water. The purpose of this study was to analyze water quality on environmental health in settlements on the banks of the Kahayan River. This study using the Mix Method, namely data collection is conducted qualitatively and quantitatively. Data analysis was carried out using the "Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling" (NMDS) statistical method with R software of the Vegan package. The findings in the research are that the highest BOD value is found on the banks of the Pahandut Seberang river of 1.98 mg/L, the maximum COD of 46.63 mg/L was found on the banks of the Pahandut Seberang river. The results of this E. Coli study were a maximum of 1000 Total/100ml on the banks of the Pahandut Seberang river. This study recommends the importance of the need for enforcement of existing regulations, for example, the Governor's Regulation on Stopping Open Defecation, the need for synchronizing regulations for regions that have certain cultures and conditions, prioritizing Appropriate Technology such as floating septic tanks and independent RPS, and group and social engineering is needed to changing people's perceptions about the use of public toilets.