Computer Job Satisfaction Level Prediction


  • Suwut Tumtong ,Nichanun Samakthai


increase student, Discriminant Analysis,computer job


This study aimed to develop predictor variables that lead to the success in students' career or companies' satisfaction towards staff in the field of computer. Education institutes should pay attention on factors affecting the success in computer career path for better educational management and administration. The sample under this study were collected from five computer companies with 60 staffs who were in charge of program development in 2018 to 2020 with Linear Discriminant Analysis and J48-Decision Tree. The findings revealed that programming competency, data base competency, and communication skill affected on computer career path. Linear Discriminant Analysis showed the accuracy of prediction as about 83% and the Cross Validation was approximately 67%. The attributes "programming competency", "good communication", "project management", and "database competency" are importance attributes that must give more attention in order to significantly increase student future job success.