Role of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices on the Achieving of Sustainable Competitive Advantages: The Mediation Role of Strategic Leadership and Organizational Culture


  • Nadra F. Tawfig ,Suzilawati Kamarudin


human resources management, sustainable competitive advantages, investigates


Like other business organizations, the banking sector endeavors to achieve and sustain its competitive advantages in the business market. The aim of this study to investigates the role of strategic human resources management practices in achieving sustainable competitive advantages, with the mediating role of organizational culture and strategic leadership in the banking sector of Saudi Arabia. A resourcebased view was applied to establish and understand the study model. Convenience sampling techniques were used to collect data from 181 respondents through a cross-sectional research design. Primary data were collected from different public and private banks' employees from the Western region of Saudi Arabia. Structural equation modelling techniques were applied to analyze the data through Smart PLS software. This study findings presents that the strategic human resource management practices directly influence strategic leadership and organizational culture. Whereas strategic leadership and organizational culture were mediate the relationship between strategic human resource management and sustainable competitive advantages. Finally, this study extended the literature on the association between strategic human resource management practices, strategic leadership, organizational culture, and sustainable competitive advantages of the banking sector of Saudi Arabia.