The Effect of the Innovation Resistance Factors on the Digital Fishery Platform Acceptance in Developing Country


  • Edi Purwanto ,Rachman Sjarief ,Chaerul Anwar


innovation resistance, Digital Fishery, Platform Acceptance , Developing Country


Digital fishery platform will be essential to cut the supply chain of seafood products in Indonesia, but the resistance of the innovation using still be a problem in a developing country, for example, in Indonesia. This study investigates the determinant factors of innovation resistance and the impact of innovation resistance on behavior intention to use the digital fishery platform. The questionnaire is shared online. The 393 samples are collected and used. It consists of 120 samples (31 percent) from DKI Jakarta province, 151 samples (38 percent) from Banten province, and 89 samples (23 percent) from West Java province, and 33 samples from other provinces (8 percent). The results are image, risk, traditional, and value barriers influence innovation resistance significantly, but use barrier does not. The image, risk, traditional, and value barriers are also influencing behavior intention mediated by innovation resistance. This study's original is the descriptive analysis shows that it disagrees with innovation resistance and its factors questionnaire and agrees with the behavior intention questionnaire. The conclusion is people do not resist, and there are no barriers to use the digital fishery platform; otherwise, people have the intention to use it. So the platform can be created, and it is hoped can cut the seafood supply chain and increase fish consumption in Indonesia.