Malaysian Parents' Perspectives on the Quality of Malaysia Early Childhood Care and Education Program


  • Omar, Jamilah ,Mazlina Che Mustafa ,Sopia Md Yassin ,Norazilawati Abdullah ,Suzani Mohamad Samuri


Malaysia Parents, childhood education, child


Parents have authority in selecting the type of education for their toddlers. There are four types of early childhood education in Malaysia: agencies, private owners, home-based and government. Each have a different style of management and leadership profiles. Parents are aware that management and leadership style contributes to the effectiveness of an ECCE centre. This research aims at providing explanations for the factors contributing to the parents' perspective in selecting their children's early childhood education in Malaysia and their perception of the quality of ECCE in Malaysia. It also responds to parents' perception of their involvement and contributions towards their children's ECCE centre. The aforementioned will assist as an eye opener to parents and society in helping to modify or re-adjust their mode of parental perspectives on ECCE centre and their involvement towards accomplishing a better future for themselves and their children, notwithstanding their busy schedules and in some cases, inadequacy of resources. Based on a qualitative Naturalistic Inquiry approach, this study determines factors that contribute to parents' perspectives of the quality of Malaysian Early Childhood Care and Education program. This indicates the extent or level of parental educational realization and exposure in defining the age at which the child is enrolled in school. Parents tend to make decisions on ECCE selection based on residential setting, working hours and workmate's suggestion. It was also discovered that, the financial situation of the parents have vast influence on the ECCE educational selection of their child. Quality of ECCE management and leadership profiles are the last main factors discussed. On the whole, although parents want the best for their children, but parental perspectives in the selection, involvement and contribution in ECCE is still need to be informed, because it is critical that children get early education to help broaden their horizons, enhance social relationships, and promote a sense of self-esteem and selfefficacy. Parents need to be educated, informed and advised about the value of early childhood education based on the good qualities of ECCE centre.