Early Identification of Children with Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD): Practical Assessment for Needs in the Early Childhood Education Programme


  • Grace Annammal Piragasam ,Jamilah Omar ,Sopia Md Yassin ,Mazlina Che Mustafa


Individuals, Disabilities Education Act, Programme


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA) requires children with Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD) to be given the appropriate support in assessment, planning for differentiated teaching as well as to promote interventions for remediated individual needs. Children in the Early Childhood Care and Education Programme are likely to exhibit early signs of SLD, whereby visible struggles in the areas of sensory integration, cognitive, behaviour and academic skills hinders their overall capacity to learn and develop on the norm. This situation calls for teachers' attention for appropriate assessment and to address the needs of every child struggling with SLD accordingly. This paper aims to discuss on i) the subtypes of SLD, ii) practical guide on the processes that are involved while conducting an assessment for any SLDs, iii) areas to be considered for conceptualizing a comprehensive assessment for SLDs and, iv) what Early Childhood Care and Education Programme educators need to know in the endeavor of addressing the needs of children with SLDs.