Development Of Teachers In Visual Art Sketching Skills Approach In The Early Childhood Education Professionalism


  • Muhamad Firdaus Ramli ,Norimah Rambeli ,Bahbibi Rahmatulah ,Mazlina Che Mustafa ,Sopia Md Yassin


visual art sketches, Early Childhood Education, artistic intelligibility


This research reveals the aesthetic observations of visual art sketches in towards of Early Childhood Education (ECCE). Through the approach of arts education can highlight the talents of selected teachers in learning activities to enhance their understanding. This approach involves the artistic aspects of the physical and cognitive movements of early childhood learning. This research focus to identify the distinctive of teachers engage with the basics of sketches techniques in the studies. Furthermore, the research intentions are to open up the conceptual aspects of the art approach in early childhood education towards the teaching essentials of teacher's professionalism. The research approach is qualitatively based on participant reflection according to the sketching approach. Provides explanations of the elements and principles of early childhood education and the basics of sketching techniques for teachers. Sampling with the purpose of three tasks acts as the basic acceptance of the physical interaction of teachers. The motivation for the applicable framework of artistic creativity enables researchers to focus on the sketches presented. The findings from the observations of the approach matter of sketches can highlight the theory in the practical practice of early childhood education. Through basic drawing techniques in the approach of arts education can elevate the artistic intelligibility into teacher's intellectual acceptance factors. Therefore, the significance and implications of this research enhance the way teachers feel about implementing teaching procedures. Teachers' visual artwork serves as a complement to the early childhood of a particular approach. The aesthetic understanding of the focus of the research was chosen to highlight the approach of visual art in early childhood education more optimally.