Professional Training of Future Teachers for The Implementation of Interdisciplinary Educational Integration in Profile Training.


  • Zholdasbekova S.A. ,Uzakbaeva S.A ,G.S Karataev ,Yskak A.I ,Baybolov K.S.


future teachers, internationalization, pedagogical education


The current problems of professional training of future teachers for the implementation of interdisciplinary educational integration in specialized education are considered; its essence and role in the process of training future teachers at a university are revealed. The ways of implementing the idea of integration are described. Since the most important component of the educational policy of any state, as evidenced by world experience, is pedagogical education, which requires a high degree of flexibility and accessibility at all its levels, this poses an urgent task for society to update its content and structure under the influence of comprehensive processes of internationalization and integration. A significant contradiction to this is the fact that in Kazakhstan the traditional system of training a future teacher in the context of the indicated processes has ceased to meet the needs of society and the school. Moreover, both in socio-cultural and organizational-pedagogical and scientific-content plans. It is obvious that this situation is explained by considering the main function of the professional training of a future teacher as only a repeater of the regulated volume of knowledge.