Formation Of Readiness of Future Teachers-Psychologists for The Organization of Psych diagnostic Activity


  • Sandugash Rapikova, Aygerim Kosherbayeva, Indira Oralkanova, Gulzhanar Jumazhanova, Aray Amanova


psycho diagnostics, psychological, educational programs


The article deals with the basics of psychological and pedagogical diagnostics at the present stage of the educational process. The role and significance of diagnostics in the professional activity of a higher school teacher within the framework of the socio-pedagogical process is determined. The article reveals the specifics of the implementation of the diagnostic activity of the teacher; the components of the psycho diagnostic culture that contribute to the effective use of psychological and pedagogical methods in the educational process. Further, the specific features of the implementation of psycho diagnostic activity of specialists in educational practice are considered. Based on the results of an empirical study, it is shown how the subject, conditions and means of psycho diagnostics are reflected in the minds of teachers and psychologists in the course of solving psycho diagnostic problems. The internal conditions for the formation of psycho diagnostic competence of educational specialists are revealed. In addition, the article should note the content basis of psychological and pedagogical diagnostics in the professional activity of a teacher. The role of psychological and pedagogical diagnostics in the assessment and control of practical results, the implementation of educational programs is noted.