Methods For Teaching Kazakhstan's Global Competitiveness Through an Elective Course on Economic and Social Analytics For 11th Grade Secondary School Students


  • Azamat Baitassov ,Kulyash Kaimuldinova ,Gulmira Berdygulova ,Kaster Sarkytkan ,Sholpan Karbayeva


teaching Kazakhsan, social analytics, economic geography


Today's reform of secondary general education, along with the informatisation of society, is aimed at the humanisation of education. Nowadays, in order to study the global competitiveness of Kazakhsan, its place in the world market, the level of development in an educational economy and innovation based on science, the importance of teaching the course «Economic and social analytics», a new direction of economic geography, arises. The «Economic and social analytics» course is an in-depth knowledge of data from economic geography and WEF, IMD, WB indicators in it are for in-depth study of economic geography of any country.