Optimization of Mangrove Forest Utilization: Similarities to Improve the Society Economy of Kampung Onggaya Papua


  • Dewi Putri Anjar Wulan ,Aldisa Arifudin ,Nurwijayanti ,Serli Hatul Hidayat


Onggaya Village, mangrove nursery, Kampung


Natural resources provide opportunities for economic development, but must also be managed in a way that is balanced with concern for ecological sustainability. This study examines a site in Onggaya Village, especially in monitoring the mangrove forest ecosystem using the observation method. In this study, we analyzed the relationship between the presence of mangroves and the social and economic aspects of the local community and sought solutions to increase the level of community income by using questionnaire data which were analyzed descriptively and quantitatively. The results showed that 94.44% of the community considered mangrove forests to be important for the community's life and economy. The people of Kampung Onggaya have local wisdom that is not written down but they still preserve mangroves and maintain sustainable social and economic integrity. As many as 91.67% of the community supports and is willing to be involved in restoration activities in Kampung Onggaya and in order to increase community income, it is necessary to have a permanent mangrove nursery which is managed by the village government and implemented by the community and marketed outside the village in ways that can help improve household income.