Geographical Information System (GIS) in Mapping Conservation Areas of Indigenous Peoples in Wasur National Park RI - PNG


  • Marsujitullah ,Klemens A Rahangmetan ,Suwarjono ,Teddy Istanto ,Cipto ,Irma Kamaruddin


geographic information system, Wasur National Park, interactive visual map


Indonesia has designated 50 national parks as part of its protected areas. The consideration for the establishment of a national park by the government is based on the condition of the original ecosystem and the goals of biodiversity conservation. The use of geographic information system technology can be used to present information about the geographic location or location of an area. The obstacle faced by Wasur National Park and the Forest Service in informing the community about the mapping of conservation areas is that there is no tool / application to make it easier for the community to obtain this information. The geographic information system that will be presented is expected to be a tool for storing / processing / analyzing and presenting information in the form of an interactive visual map. In this study, an application was developed that provides information about the conservation area of indigenous peoples in Wasur National Park.