Efforts to Increase Student Concern for the Environment Through Learning Planting Plants in Primary Schools


  • Rudolfus Ruma Bay ,Algiranto ,Ratna Purwanty ,Yonarlianto Tembang ,Kasmira


planting plants, Classical Learning, environment


One effort to avoid environment from damage is planting plants. Student's concern and a sense of belonging to the environment need to be introduced since primary school. The study aims to increase students' concern and a sense of belonging to the environment through learning to plant crops. The study conducted action research in the classroom (CAR) in two cycles. Besides, each cycle is designed to compare the quality of teaching, student learning, and student collaboration with the teacher, asking questions, and caring for the environment. Furthermore, first and second cycle applied research procedures as such planning, implementation, observation and reflection. The results showed at the first cycle obtained by 17 students who were complete and unfinished were 6 students, and 1 learner was incomplete. Increasing percentages categorized DSK as 81, KBK as 95.6%, teachers and students' action as 71, affective as 62.0, and psychomotor as 60.3. On the other hand, all those percentage aspects mentioned classified into the excellent category. Second cycle, the teacher's average training and students' activity in the affective and psychomotor elements is perfect. The average percentage of teacher activity was 88.9, affective aspects 87.6 and psychomotor 87.3 determined in the second cycle very well. The second cycle achievement, namely the percentage of mastery learning outcomes of Classical Absorption, achieved as 81.5 meanwhile Classical Learning Completion reached as 95.6. The study implies that government and curriculum makers integrate students' environment awareness with the learning course. And, also provide teacher on the job training with the importance of nature equality.