Use of information technologies at the service of law in Colombian "Legaltech"


  • Jaime Alberto Paez ,Marco Nieves Ruiz ,Jairo Palacios Rozo ,Lugo Barbosa Guerrero ,Jairo Cortés Méndez ,Fredys A. Simanca H


legaltech, regulatory framework, technologies


This article develops an analysis of the development of "legaltech" as a business model in the Colombian legal field; presents the conceptualization of the term, the antecedents, the laws that regulate it, and the disruptive mapping of the ecosystem of the use of information technologies applied to the exercise of law in Colombia. With a qualitative approach, and from a documentary analysis that incorporated the use of analysis matrices, categories and a roadmap; It was possible to identify those relevant studies that describe the areas where innovation and new disruptive technologies have broken into the legal field to constitute startups at different levels of legal services, adapted to the new digital t rends in law. Likewise, it allowed the construction of a regulatory framework that has allowed the incorporation and use of these technologies in the Colombian territory.