Narrating the Implementation of Social Welfare Community Program


  • RYogie PrawiraW ,Hindina Maulida ,Willya Achmad


Social Welfare,Narrating, implementation, management team


This paper examines policy implemented in Magelang City to alleviate poverty. The analysis is carried out through descriptive research and SWOT analysis. It is suggested that Community-Based Social Welfare Forum is part of national program to address social and poverty problems from grassroots level. During the implementation, there were internal and external factors affected the running of this program both positively and negatively. The strength of Community-Based Social Welfare Forum was the existence of regulation and policies underlying of its program; qualified and competent social workers and the structure of management team. Meanwhile the internal weaknesses that need to be fixed were budget allocation, number of human resources. Main opportunities that are found mandatory to be explored were potential growth of collaboration, people interest, local cultural support as well as communication and information technology, whereas associated threats to be defended were inaccurate data and uncertainty condition. Furthermore, periodic and sustainable of program evaluation are suggested to ensure long term sustainable success.