Publication Trendin the Public Relations Field Which Involves Academics in the College


  • Ari Agung Prastowo ,Hanny Hafiar ,Risa Nurisani ,Nurul Asiah ,Eny Ratnasari


publication trend, communication science, public relations


One of the obligations of lecturers in higher education is to conduct research. The research results are then published in various publication media to disseminate research results and increase the reputation of higher education institutions. Globally, there is a trend in the development of public relations science which has an impact on publications involving lecturers in the field of public relations as researchers. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to determine the trend of lecturer publications from the public relations science study program at a university. The research method used is quantitative descriptive analysis. The results showed that the resulting publication trend was relatively stable. The peak of the number of publications was due to the massive number of research grants. Meanwhile, the decline in the number of publications was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic which hampered research activities. The type of publication that was mostly produced in the first five periods was Book Chapter. There is a significant increase in the publication of scientific papers on international scale publication media so that it has an impact on the comparison between the number of publications in international publication media and publications in national publication media where the numbers are relatively balanced. The composition of the PR study program lecturers shows that the majority of lecturers take a position as coauthor of a paper, and publications that have topics in the field of public relations are almost comparable to topics researched from other fields, especially in the field of communication science.