Tourism Information and Communication System in Indonesia Tourism Village


  • Ipit Zulfan ,Dian Wardiana Sjuchro


Tourism Information, Communication System, Kertayasa Village


Kertayasa Village is one of 5,312 villages in West Java Province, Indonesia, which has local potential for non-coastal tourism. Abundant natural resources and the community's high desire to be active in the tourism sector encourage some people to market and promote the potential of their villages through various new internet-based media, both websites and social media. The quality of resources is lacking, does not dampen the enthusiasm of the residents of Kertayasa Village to inform the world community about the existence of their village through internet platforms so that through the information they manage it can lead them to become the winner of the 2019 Nusantara Tourism Village Competition, setting aside hundreds of other tourist villages throughout Indonesia. This study aimed to determine the tourism information and communication system in Kertayasa Village so that it won the title of the first winner in the 2019 National Tourism Village Competition. Then the qualitative data were analyzed descriptively-qualitatively. The results showed that the management of the tourism information system in Kertayasa Village was still carried out, even though it had used an internet platform. There are still many things that need to be addressed in optimizing the dissemination of information to have a significant impact on various details shared.