Television Documentary Program Indonesia Bagus; A Semiotic Social Analysis


  • Freddy Yusanto ,Dadang Rahmat Hidayat ,Rahmat Edi Irawan ,Yasraf Amir Piliang


Indonesian society, Potential Natural Resources, consumers


Indonesian society, which has been under siege by popular culture, has led its people to think popularly. This has created an ideology of popularism and popular imagination which will lead us to think in an instant, profane and superficial. Popular culture is built through production in the mass media industry and marketed for the benefit of consumers. One of them is a television program. Programs that generate high ratings and shares will always be produced. We see that the biggest challenge is how television programs, especially documentaries, can be packaged into something that generates high ratings and shares. Through social semiotics, we argue that the television documentary program "Indonesia Bagus" episode "Potential Natural Resources in Klaten" presents five things in presenting local cultural values (harmony, respect, cooperation) of the Indonesian nation. The first, program maker sensitivity in perceiving and understanding the uniqueness of a region. Second, presenting the meaning of local culture through historical information. Third, presenting the interaction between shots and maintaining the interaction between elements in the shot to represent reality. Fourth, presenting an objective and subjective camera point of view dynamically to build audience interest in a documentary television program and the fifth, presenting back sound (direct sound or music) to create a harmonious unity scene. The information on local cultural values deserves to be presented as program content by local media as an antidote to the negative effects of popular culture on local culture.