Framework of Assessing Local Press Performance


  • Efi Fadilah ,Atwar Bajari ,Asep Suryana ,Nik Norma Nik Hasan


framework, circumstances, quality journalism, local media


The local press in Indonesia receives negative ratings in various ways, making its role and function doubtful. Meanwhile, Indonesia's local media have a high potential since 90% of the total number of Indonesian mass media operate on a local basis. The local press serves Indonesian audiences that are spread over thousands of islands in the Archipelago. Given the significant presence of local newspapers, continuous efforts are necessary to improve the quality of their performance through evaluating their performance, especially in the aspect of the content. This article offers a framework as an assessment guideline for academics and practitioners. Using the literature review as the method, this article elaborates various concepts for evaluating the performance of local journalism through (1) reviewing the concepts and standards of quality journalism in local media or newspapers, (2) examining the concepts of local media performance evaluation, especially in terms of media content, (3) elaborating the compatibility of existing concepts and assessment tools with the state of the local media or newspapers in Indonesia, and (4) offering a framework that can be used to assess the performance of local newspaper or media content. This study results in materials that can help to construct a framework to evaluate the performance of local journalism. This framework not only derives and synthesizes various views, concepts, principles, and tools but also builds awareness so that in any application, it also considers incorporating certain relevant elements with the specific context or circumstances in which the media operates.