Community for Community: A Significant Feature of Community Radio for Economic Development


  • Dian Wardiana Sjuchro ,Ute Lies Siti Khadijah ,Nuryah Asri Sjafirah


Katapang District, community radio, Economic Development


This article examines how community radio has a strong potential in supporting the creation of a democratic climate at the local level in the Indonesian context. This study uses a qualitative paradigm based on the symbolic interaction paradigm. In addition to using a qualitative paradigm and approach, this study uses a case study research method, i.e., a single case study. The main objective of this study was to determine the success of Community Radio PASS FM in supporting regional development. Using the case of PASS FM Radio, this article reveals that community radio has played the role and function of the media as a companion to development programs in society. As a community radio, PASS FM has not only succeeded in being a solution to communication barriers, both between residents and residents and the local government of Katapang District of Bandung Regency, but has also provided solutions to optimize local potentials in development. Through the broadcasting pattern and mechanism and the programs it presents, Radio PASS FM has also succeeded in collaborating with the government to jointly serve the interests of the community to support the ideals of community-based development