Online Prostitution Network in Twitter and Automatic Identification System of The Government


  • Christiany Juditha ,Eni Maryani ,Aceng Abdullah ,Rahmi Setiawati


Online prostitution, Automatic Identification Systems, Twitter


Online prostitution practices and networks are now becoming more extensive and complicated due to the presence of social media. It is seen as a promising business trend because it is easier and more confidential. This contradicts thr beliefs of some Indonesians, especially those that consider it a taboo. Furthermore, there are no specific rules guiding the business. The aim of the study, therefore, is to obtain an overview of the practice, its networks in media, and the anticipation of the government. This research uses the netnographic method. And it concludes that prostitution is generally marketed on Twitter using certain hashtags such as #bispak #avail, #openbo and others. Other findings show that all provincial capitals already have an online prostitution network. Furthermore, cities in Java are included in the red zone because they have relatively more online prostitution accounts, and the Government (Ministry of Communication and Information) has anticipated its handling by purchasing a content scavenger machine known as Automatic Identification Systems (AIS). This machine is tasked with tracking and blocking pornographic content. The Ministry of Communication and Information also works with the police to provide the necessary data on the procedure of handling cases. In addition, a literacy program was also conducted for the community.