Obedience No Eid Homecoming 2020 West Java Citizens During Global Pandemic Covid19: A Literature Review


  • Trie Damayanti ,Susanne Dida ,Aang Koswara


global pandemic ,Novel Corona Virus, behavior, dangerous


Novel Corona Virus or later known as COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) is a virus that causes a global pandemic outbreak because it has infected around 123 countries in the world. The extraordinary effect of this virus causes countries that find citizens infected with this virus to set off dangerous alarms so that every citizen is careful so that there is no further spread. The government of the country has made many steps to anticipate the spread of this virus, by trying to quarantine the virus in a limited area. This has also been carried out by the Indonesian government which has also found its citizens are infected with the Corona virus, even the number is increasing every time. The government makes a Perpres, Virus Control Clusters from the central to regional levels, and starts implementing Large-Scale Social Barriers to the lowest level, with the hope that these efforts will be able to reduce the spread of COVID-19. One of the efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 is by issuing a ban on carrying out Eid Al-Fitr homecoming in 2020, while for Indonesians, especially West Java residents, both those who live in West Java and those who have become residents of the capital, going home is a habit that is carried out. once a year every Eid or Idul Fitri leave. Will this prohibition be obeyed? This study aims to see how the process of seeking information for the people of West Java, and how the behavior of compliance with the Eid homecoming prohibition in West Java society. Based on the theory of behavior change, the behavior of the people of West Java is driven by attitudes towards COVID-19, coupled with figures as subjective norms, and sanctions that are applied as behavior controllers, showing that even though West Java residents are concerned that COVID-19 is not life threatening, but because it still has figures of regional heads and officials who guard, as well as doubts that feel real make most people choose not to go home for Eid 2020.