Implementation of Silage and Biogas Product by Empowerment Village Society in Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau Province


  • Nur Azlina ,Anwar Efendi Harahap ,Yusni Maulida ,Desmiyawati ,Almasdi Syahza ,Edi Erwan ,dan Nelzi Fati


Rokan Hulu regency,Riau , Participatory Action Research


The livestock group is located in Pasir Makmur Village, Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau Province which has the potential resources in oil palm plantations and cattle populations. The aim of present empowerment study was to utilize and process palm fronds with silage technology as cattle feed and cattle feces as biogas. The service method was the Participatory Action Research and the development of practical knowledge in understanding the social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions of society. The results showed that palm frond silage could be used as ruminant feed due to of its smooth texture and low pH. Additionally, biogas with a capacity of 6 m3 can be produced from cattle with a maximum number of 5-6 cattles. The conclusion of this public service that silage by utilizing palm fronds in the ration can be used cattle feed, as well as cattle feces can be used bio gass to reduce people's living costs especially for ration feed and gass.