Analysis of the Capacity of the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Policy Due to the Mount Sinabung Eruption Disaster in Indonesia


  • Harmensyah ,Bambang Supriyono ,MR. Khairul Muluk ,Firda Hidayati


reconstruction , rehabilitation policies, Empowerment refers


Natural disasters that occur in various countries have an impact on the destruction of strategic sectors so that the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction due to disasters is very important. Problems that arise from the reconstruction and rehabilitation policies include the relocation of communities requiring large areas of land, verification and validation of data on beneficiaries, as well as the reconstruction process especially for housing. These various problems had an impact on the rehabilitation and reconstruction process as a result of the disaster and were hampered and policy objectives could not be achieved optimally. The Karo Regency Government together with BNPB is trying to solve this problem through an unprecedented independent relocation policy. The purpose of this study is to describe the capacity of rehabilitation and reconstruction policies, especially policies for independent relocation in accelerating recovery due to disasters. This study follows a case study research analysis design with a qualitative research approach. Data analysis was performed through pattern matching, explanation building, timeseries analysis, logic models, and cross-case synthesis. The results showed that due to limited land, the rehabilitation and reconstruction process was halted for almost a year and had an impact on the stability of community life. Since the independent relocation policy was adopted, the rehabilitation and reconstruction process can be carried out again and can complete the construction of 1,682KK houses and agricultural land within 1 year and 3 months. Capacity The independent relocation policy shows that all competencies, both analytical, operational and political, can be fulfilled. However, policy capacity alone seems insufficient to guarantee the success of post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction, especially in the self-relocation scheme, so it needs to be integrated with the concept of community empowerment. Empowerment refers to strengthening the capacity of the community to have the potential and power so that they can recover quickly by strengthening community groups between neighbors.