The Use of Deep Swearwords in Mongondow Language (As a Contribution of Regional Language, Bolaang Mongondow, in Education)


  • Donal Matheos Ratu ,Veronika Listi Ferdini Damopolii


Mongondow language, younger age, pompulong


This study discusses the use of swearwords in Mongondow language. The background of this study is that the Mongondow language which has several forms of swearwords used by speakers according to the context. The study aims to describe the use of swearwords by adolescents towards their interlocutors in the same age, older and younger, the use of swearwords by adult speakers to their interlocutors in the same age, older and younger and in situations where the swearwords used. This is very important to be discussed in order to maintain a regional language as a contribution to education. The method used in this study is descriptive method. Data analysis is conducted through data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. The results showed that swearwords used by someone in the age among of 21-23 years old are swearwords related to genitals kolait, 'devil' ibiliit, boke 'pig', or pompulong 'stupid' used against someone in the same age or younger, people in the age among of 28-40 years old use swearwords of genitals to their interlocutors both older, peers and younger, Mongondow people in the age among of 46-51 years old still use the form of "genitals" swearwords towards their interlocutors in older, peer and younger age.