Life memory of Zeng's Zong Ci, Gaosha Town: Folk Custom, Ceremony and Inheritance of Qingming Festival in Modern Society


  • Lei Han ,Peera Phanlukthao ,Mateta Sirisuk


Zeng's Zong Ci, Gaosha Town, good social atmosphere


The Zeng's Zong Ci in Gaosha Town, Hunan Province is a typical representative of Chinese Zong Ci. Zong Ci is the place where ancient Chinese worship ancestors or sages. As an important Chinese traditional culture, it has realized the transformation of social functions in modern society. From the cultural and artistic level, it realizes the perfect combination of architecture and sculpture, structure and aesthetics, practicality and function. It is an important treasure of Chinese native architecture and an important cultural heritage with high historical, artistic and scientific value. Local customs and festival celebrations, especially the activities of Qingming Festival have become people's common social memory. Through the holding of folk ceremonies, especially the rituals derived from traditional culture, it can help people establish a good moral consciousness, cultivate a correct and positive family concept, and form a good social atmosphere, so that the society can better inherit and carry forward the outstanding traditional culture.